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Dr. Kaku’s thoughts on the robot apocalypse April 23, 2010

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Speaking of Embedded Systems Conference, Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, professor, bestselling author, popularizer of science, and geek-extraordinaire, will be the featured keynote speaker. This is a guy who built an anti-matter particle-accelerator in his garage in high school, using 2 miles of wire wrapped around two goal posts on a football field.

My buddy Todd Sierer, the face of anengineeringmind.com, was sent out to New York to interview Dr. Kaku and brought back some interesting footage. Here’s Dr. Kaku’s thoughts on engineers vs. physicists, robots taking over humans, and why most kids do not think science is fascinating:


Robot VIPs: Roboticists you should know about (part 1) March 8, 2010

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In the years that I’ve worked at National Instruments, I’ve come across several engineers and scientists that are doing incredibly cool things in the robotics industry, using NI technologies. I’ve been lucky to meet some famous, some accomplished, or some just down right geeky people that are definitely worth knowing . I’d like to share my list of Roboticists You Should Know About, starting with one of my favorite VIPs:

Name: Dr. Dennis Hong

Title: Associate Professor and the Director of RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Virginia Tech


  • Novel robot locomotion mechanisms
  • Design and analysis of mechanical systems
  • Kinematics and robot mechanism design
  • Humanoid robots
  • Autonomous systems

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Cool projects:

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