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Stop Robot Poverty March 11, 2010

Posted by emiliekopp in labview robot projects, robot fun.
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A fun, silly video that must have been created by an FIRST Robotics team, since the featured robot is obviously made with the FRC Kit of Parts.

I recall we had a similar story at NI, a campaign to Save NItro.

Some background on NItro: Back in 2008, when FIRST announced it would be adopting  NI CompactRIO as the new controller for its robots, we wanted to help make a big splash by putting together a super robot; something  that would demonstrate all the cool, new things teams would be able to accomplish with a faster, stronger, smarter controller.

We came up with NItro, a robot with a holonomic drive, programmed in LabVIEW, that would do vision-based tracking and could shoot stress balls at a moving target (this later just turned into a loud canon that shot swag into the air for kids to catch). I think NItro was also programmed to do the Soulja Boy dance; I can’t seem to find footage of that at the moment.

But after we unveiled the new CompactRIO controller at the FRC Championships in Atlanta, NItro went dormant for awhile. The NI engineers who had worked on him went on with their lives. Later, when someone decided to take NItro for a spin, we realized we had not done a very good job of saving the LabVIEW code that controls him. So there he lay, lifeless and without a purpose. A big hunk of expensive parts.

Some people think we should tear him down for scraps. Others think we should rebuild him. What do you think?

Help save this robot from being sent to the scrap pile.



1. Norman Morgan - June 30, 2010

Did you decide what to do with NItro? Do Joe and the others have any say so on his future?

emiliekopp - July 2, 2010

Hey Norman,
I’m pretty sure NItro is still dormant. Joe, Greg, and the other guys who gave him life haven’t touched him since FRC 2008. I haven’t asked them what they think about NItro’s future though. Maybe they’ll have some good ideas… 🙂

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