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The DoD opens up to social networking March 2, 2010

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For any of you who know me personally, social media technology is a passion of mine. Combine that with my passion for robotics and voila! the creation of the LabVIEW Robotics blog.

In the past weeks, I’ve talked a lot about the DoD and their plans for developing unmanned systems. This week, let’s talk about the DoD’s usage of social media. Specifically, I was surprised to hear that the DoD has loosened its policy on social media usage by its employees and soldiers.

Previously, some sectors of the DoD had outright banned participation on certain social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Understandably, the idea of soldiers on the front lines, tweeting and blogging about their experience or about confidential information, made the DoD a bit timid. However, the DoD now appreciates how social media tools could actually be beneficial and understands that it’s a matter of educating their employees on safe, appropriate usage.

The DoD even goes so far as to encourage usage:

Service members and DoD employees are welcome and encouraged to use new media to communicate with family and friends — at home stations or deployed — but it’s important to do it safely. Keep in mind that everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves and their information online, and existing regulations on ethics, operational security, and privacy still apply.  Be sure never to post any information that could be considered classified, sensitive, or that might put military members or families in danger.

I’m impressed to find that the DoD shared this new information on, fittingly, a blog! (The DoD Social Media Hub) And, they embedded the policy memorandum on their blog post using SlideShare. Well done! Way to leverage social media technologies to get the word out.



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